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If you like what you see or if you would like to see new features please let me know!  Neither your name nor your email will be published to protect your privacy.  I am here to please you!  Just scroll down the page to read previous entries.

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Visitors Comments


Date: 06 Apr 2001

Time: 12:13:17

MC commented:


The photograph of the Southeastern Railway Museum displayed on your site must have been taken in the early 1990s at our old site. I hope you will visit us at our new site at 3595 Peachtree Road in Duluth and, possibly, find some new (and better) photo opportunities.

--Malcolm Campbell, Collections Manager, Southeastern Railway Museum,



Date: 06 Apr 2001

Time: 05:33:32

BJ commented:

My beloved Grandpa was an engineer for the Frisco Railroad. I am crazy about trains. I think I can get just a caboose picture of the Frisco if you want. This is very sentimental to me. I will now go to your other beautiful pictures. Thank you !!!!! Brenda


Date: 16 Jan 2000

Time: 22:51:23

IM commented:

I came because of your pictures used on another site for OE Stationery. I liked them and I was happy to have been able to see some of the rest of your work! Thank you for sharing so freely...Ila


Date: 12 Jan 2000

Time: 08:39:32

NU Commented:

You are amazing! This is the best web site I've visited. I've got tears rolling down my face. I enjoyed the photos and the comments, I'll be back later to see more.


Date: 26 Dec 1999

Time: 18:38:01

RW Commented:

Richard, I really enjoyed your web site. I live 2 miles from Anna Ruby Falls....your pictures are breath taking...I have emailed your site to my friend in Russia, so that he can also experience the beauty of my home....Thank you...RENEE



Date: 11 Nov 1999

Time: 20:12:22

MM Commented:

Hey, great picture of the week, but I couldn't help noticing the date it was posted was 11/2/99 and I saw it on 11/11/99, long week, could I borrow one of them off you? Keep up the good work, and when you get to town call us and I'll get you behind the throttle of an SW1500 or an SD38


Date: 08 Nov 1999

Time: 11:44:04

KC Commented:

Great, I would like to see more of you and your brothers/sisters when you were young and your favorite cousins the Nasers.


Date: 06 Nov 1999

Time: 23:37:37

MM Commented:

beautiful picture richie,

just popped in for a quick look.

continue to write, we enjoy the weekend reports



Date: 25 Oct 1999

Time: 11:23:58

T Commented:

Hi I just got here via Backgrounds and more. I haven't looked around yet but all too often if I look around first I FORGET to sign the guestbook.


Date: 19 Oct 1999

Time: 16:26:22

DD Commented:

I like your site! You have beautiful photos. Some of the pictures are close to home. Also some of your photos have now been turned into stationery for Outlook Express!

Visit my site for free stationery and backgrounds!


Date: 12 Oct 1999

Time: 10:56:17

KK Commented:

Hey Richie,

Your site is very cool. I'm glad to know that there is someone else pulling their hair out at 3 a.m. I am a first time builder. It is called Natasha's Notes on Single Parenting. It is still under construction. May I use some of your pics?



Date: 11 Oct 1999

Time: 16:34:24

MM Commented:

I could do this, the only thing I lack is Time and Talent.......Nice site!!!!!!


Date: 11 Oct 1999

Time: 13:53:09

RW Commented:

Enjoyed the trip through your site!

Great pictures....the kind you can't get/see without knowing the territory and spending a lot of time......which you did!.. Thanks for the trip!


Date: 09 Oct 1999

Time: 12:34:02

PK Commented:

Hi Richie! We are neighbors, I live in Fayetteville, nice to meet you! I really enjoyed the pictures I had a chance to look at and will come back to see more!

I am also an "amateur" photographer, and it was nice to see sites of Atlanta, and all the other places I've been; I literally have dozens and dozens of photo albums!

Thanks! I really enjoyed it!


Date: 05 Oct 1999

Time: 20:06:44

EO commented:

What a pleasure. Thank you for making my day. The most pleasant site on the net.


Date: 05 Oct 1999

Time: 06:00:11

RL Commented:

Your photos have brought back many pleasant memories of the East Coast mountain region I knew and appreciated back in 69-72.



Date: 04 Oct 1999

Time: 21:43:28

KL Commented:

WoW.. what a site.I could spend hours looking at your photos. You do great work. I will visit again and have sent your page to some friends.


Date: 30 Sep 1999

Time: 10:31:59

JW Commented:

Hi Richie,Stayed home to take care of auto inspection. just cruisin' through the page!! Talk to ya soon



Date: 16 Aug 1999

Time: 06:08:29

DW Commented:

Great site ! The foto of the house remind's me of a home i lived in as a child.


Date: 22 Jul 1999

Time: 12:05:24

MM Commented:

Didn't know you were a rail buff, call us next time you are in Pgh. and I'll see that you get to drive a train. Probably just a yard switcher,but you might enjoy it.


Date: 12 Jul 1999

Time: 08:14:05

JW Commented:

Hi Richie, hope the beach time is going well. Hmmmm. perhaps a trip to the all-star game??


Date: 08 Jul 1999

Time: 09:55:29

SBK Commented:

I would like to see photos for women(men)5000m & 10000m final. Their ways of running simply attract me. Also the men & women marathon. Thank you.


Date: 06 Jun 1999

Time: 18:40:13

JA Commented:


Wow! Richard, a really cool site!

Good luck with it!!!!


Date: 06 Jun 1999

Time: 12:30:08

JW Commented:

High Richie!

I like your new web pages very much, you did a good job!! Wish you all the best for your business and send to all your Weisser family many greetings from Austria!! Joerg


Date: 06 Jun 1999

Time: 11:48:26

WD Commented:

Enjoyed your page, Richard. Nice work...


Date: 02 May 1999

Time: 09:02:10

JW Commented:

Hi Richie,

Nice old pic's keep em coming brother


Date: 21 Feb 1999

Time: 06:50:13

AH Commented:

very nice! That's It


Date: 21 Feb 1999

Time: 06:48:32

M Commented:

there are no pictures about the awardees, and the teams.


Date: 04 Feb 1999

Time: 07:58:08

JW Commented:

High Richie Weisser!

Here is a Weisser from Austria talking to you!! I am very pleased about your Site. What's going on in Georgia?? Would be happy to get detailed information about you. Are there a lots of Weissers in US?? Best regards! Jrg


Date: 28 Jan 1999

Time: 17:41:06

MM Commented:

I love this site, do you have too much time on your hands?

Date: 20 Jan 1999
Time: 19:43:15

CD Commented:

Rich, i am at work and i finally got to your web site. it is really neat.let me know if you got this message. cindy

Date: 22 Dec 1998
Time: 21:18:57

GW Commented:

This is very well done and entertaining. I will return.

Date: 19 Dec 1998
Time: 17:10:29

MW Commented:

Where do you find the time? Now I definitely have to try to upgrade my site over the holidays!

Date: 15 Dec 1998
Time: 08:07:04

TW commented:

not bad

Date: 14 Dec 1998
Time: 07:52:02

JW commented:

Hey richie!
Nice job. enjoyed animations!