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Tripod Insider

Vol. 5, No. 39

October 4, 1999

Gobrien crosses the pond; Williamstown IS a pond.
Read all about it after checking out what's new on the site.


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Gayle shares her Top Ten Tripod Memories before skipping town.


The Tripod Insider

As of October 1, Tripod will unfortunately be a Gayle/Gail-free workplace. Gayle O'Brien (the infamous gobrien) has decided to pursue her dream of traveling through the U.K. She wasn't able to get the country out of her system after spending her junior year at Oxford. She will be deeply missed. I sit next to her, I should know. I will miss her impressive chocolate-sharing abilities, her sense of humor, her style, her sneeze, but I will NOT miss her obsession with the Spice Girls. Our other departing friend, Gail Burns, leaves our weekly flotsam exhibit curatorial duties to Mary Beth. She's promised to come into the office periodically to give local tag-sale updates. Phew!

I think it's also worth mentioning that both Gayle O'Brien and Gail Burns attended the same college Sarah Lawrence. We wish both of our Sarah Lawrence graduates well in all of their future endeavors. This Friday, there'll be of course more cake for the lovely ladies' farewell.

As Gayle plans to cross the ocean, Billsville has turned into quite a soggy spot. With the fringe of Floyd bringing minor flooding and now a few dreary days of rain, puddles have turned into rivers. Walking on the street has become a little risky. More and more people have been parking next door in the laundromat's lot, instead of trekking down the street to our lot! That'll all change, come the new year. Now that the cable company downstairs is moving out, Tripod can continue its world takeover or at least assume control of the building. This also means that the parking lot next to the building will open up to Tripodians once again, which should help us avoid some serious ice-slippage this winter!

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Anna Groskin
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